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Our company has an application, let's call it MainApp, that gets deployed containing a number of "library" dlls. The library dlls are used by MainApp and "plug-ins" for MainApp. That is to say, the plug-ins also reference and use the library dlls.

Due to changes made in the library dlls, the version numbers had to be updated. The new installer of MainApp, version 1.0.15, includes these dlls with the new version numbers. However, the plug-in (let's call it plug-in1) installer was compiled with MainApp v1.0.14 (which contained previous versions of Library dlls). The code in Library dlls is compatible with plug-in1. I've tested this by "installing" plug-in1 by hand.

Currently, I'm having an issue with version numbers of the library dlls breaking backward compatibility for the plug-in1 installer. It gives an error saying it couldn't find v1.0.0 of Library dlls.

Is there anyway to provide a "redirect" as you can in the MainApp.exe.config xml file?
Richard Andrew x64 25-Mar-12 20:44pm    
You've probably not gotten any responses because your explanation is too complicated to follow. Please restate what you're looking for in a more straightforward manner, and you might get some responses.

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