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I have run into a problem. On my form I have a richtextbox with text. My question is: Is there a way to horizontally and/or vertically mirror my text? or at least mirror my entire control? I have read that one possible solution would be to capture the image of the RichTextBox and follow the way about mirroring the image. However I believe this method would be very, very slow. Is this my only solution?

Thank you.
Mike Hankey 9-Jun-12 9:35am
"horizontally and/or vertically mirror my text" What does this mean?
If you are wanting to keep a duplicate copy of the text use the OnTextChanged event and/or the .Text property.

1 solution

That is a nice question. Here is a post, which mirrors a text using OnPaint event of a form. You may use OnPaint event of your RichTextBox to do the same thing for your control:[^]

I hope it helps,
vlad781 10-Jun-12 19:33pm
I have successfully been able to draw my control to a bitmap, but I am having a problem here because my rich text box has an automatic scrolling feature. And... Well, drawing to bitmap, or OnPaint, will force me to draw out the control EVERY time a pixel is scrolled. A this will slow the application and b that is just terrible. I am still looking for a way to do this as raichtextbox.rightoleft only mirrors the control itself and not the text.

I still give you a 4. Its just not exactly the best way to do what I am trying to do.
Reza Ahmadi 10-Jun-12 23:51pm
Well, thanks. I will inform you if I find a better way
Jαved 11-Jun-12 9:52am
Good answer +5!
Reza Ahmadi 11-Jun-12 11:33am
Thanks Javed! I am happy you find it useful.

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