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Can anyone tell me types of architectures to design an application (like MVC, 3-tier)
and please let me know how to decide which one is better?

Have a look at the Application Architecture guide[^]. It should help you out.
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hardikr.shah 18-Jun-12 8:24am    
Thanks, I think that .pdf will help me.
Abhinav S 18-Jun-12 8:36am    
Yes it will. Its a very good document on Architecture.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-14 3:15am    
It should be useful, my 5, but first of all, I think the immediate problem to address would be to correct some OP's misconception on architectural work. Please see my answer to see what I mean by that.
Abhinav S 10-Mar-14 4:13am    
Thank you SA.
The question does not really make much sense. Architectural solution does not mean looking at some list of available architecture type and choosing one. Architecture is something you have to build; and this work depends on many factors: goals of the programming system, requirements, available resource, sometimes, even on the personal skills and preferences of the team members.

From the other hand, you can use some available architectural patterns. But this is not the same as "architectural type". This is something you can embrace in your architecture, in different degrees of comprehensiveness; sometimes, you can use only some of the idea. But MVC is already one of such patterns.

See also:[^],[^],[^].

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Abhinav S 10-Mar-14 4:13am    
My 5.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-14 9:53am    
Thank you, Abhinav.
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hardikr.shah 18-Jun-12 8:11am    
All these are presentation patterns, I want to know more development patterns like 3-tier, n-tier.
Farhan Ghumra 18-Jun-12 8:13am    
Basically 3-tier is subset of n-tier, where 'n' is depend upon user
Check this Wikipedia article about multitier architecture
hardikr.shah 18-Jun-12 8:17am    
Thanks Farhan,

But still I want to know how many types of architectures available, 3-tier is one of the architecture. but I want to know is there any more architecture available except 3-tier or n-tier?

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