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Hi, I want to make a Hotmail new messages counter just give the number of unread messages of a specific email and password. How it would be done?
Ashraff Ali Wahab 23-Sep-12 18:59pm    
There are lot of examples in the below site.Try the code and if you face any issues come back here and post the code and issue
Boudi AlSayed 24-Sep-12 8:13am    
thank you but can you tell a specific url for an answer of my question cuz i a have a bad english
Ourning 22-Mar-16 9:22am    
Boudi I did a similar thing with this .NET library for emails.
You have to choose which protocol to use, this would typically depend on what email server you have, but in your case you have a major email provider (Microsoft) which provides a support for any protocol.
So you can go with either a C# code for reading emails via POP protocol or a C# code for reading email via IMAP protocol.

Go through below links, it shows how to read unread mails.

Mailsystem - It's open source library used for managing mails from pop3, smtp & Imap protocol. with the help of this library you can find the counter of unread mails.
Reading mails using imap and mailsystem net/

Receiving Mail through the POP3 Protocol & MIME Parser


Please go through with this link, it shows how to access mail without using any third party library. you can use hotmail pop server instead of gmail.
how to read mail from pop3 inbox using c#
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Boudi AlSayed 24-Sep-12 5:51am    
Is there a way to do it without using a library?
Sushil Mate 24-Sep-12 8:48am    
please check the updated link.
Check below link, hope it helps you:
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