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I have a textbox that returns a value from a database this value is also my primary key column so i get the value from company which is my primary key i then update the value in the textbox when i press enter i run
("UPDATE t_company SET Company_Name=@Company_Name where Company_Name=@Company_Name",mycon1)

the problem is it doesnt give me any errors but it does not update it in the database but if i change the value of @company to a fixed value
("UPDATE t_company SET Company_Name=@Company_Name where Company_Name='abc'",mycon1)
it then works
any help would be appreciated.
Updated 9-Oct-12 22:08pm

In your previous query you are not updating anything.

See your query
UPDATE t_company SET Company_Name=@Company_Name where Company_Name=@Company_Name

It means you are updating Company name with the same value. Hence you are not observing change.
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ridoy 10-Oct-12 4:26am    
u should set company primary key too
update query will update which column u specified only
u didn't mentioned the primary key column name to update

("UPDATE t_company SET Company_Id=@Company_Id,Company_Name=@Company_Name where Company_Name=@Company_Name",mycon1)
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mrDivan 11-Oct-12 4:19am    
Im sorry I dont understand could you give me an example
vasim sajad 11-Oct-12 5:54am    
tell me ur table structure of t_company and which column is primary key ?
mrDivan 11-Oct-12 7:54am    
i have 11 columns and company_name is my primary key

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