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This is a simple set Function, I am trying to set a string from one class to another class using a simple function.

void setStringVariable(string stringtext)
   m_stringTest = stringtext;

When I call the function, I get ACCESS_VIOLATION ERROR.
I am confused, what is going wrong?

Any Help.
Updated 4-Dec-12 10:33am
André Kraak 4-Dec-12 15:36pm    
How are you calling the setStringVariable function?
gssajith87 4-Dec-12 15:57pm    
setStringVariable is in a class as public member, i am calling using the object of the class.
André Kraak 4-Dec-12 16:00pm    
Which specific call off the function is causing the problem?
What is the parameter you are passing to the function at that moment?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Dec-12 16:11pm    
Also, is it std::string, or something else?
Why having this function at all? Strings are assignable without the help of such function. :-)
JackDingler 4-Dec-12 16:23pm    
Which line is it failing on?

Are you crossing DLL boundaries?

Thanks All, i finally got it fixed, i changed setStringValue to take char * as argument.

char *buff;

void setStringValue(char *buffText)
  buff = new char[strlen(buffText)+1];
  memset(buff, 0, strlen(buffText) +1);
  memcpy(buff, buffText, strlen(buffText));

Note to delete the buff in the destructor of the class
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Stefan_Lang 5-Dec-12 4:31am    
Have you considered the possibility that the cause of that access violation is passing a NULL pointer to setStringValue? Doing so will not break the code you posted here, but it will still cause unexpected behaviour!
gssajith87 5-Dec-12 9:42am    
@Stefan_Lang, It was not the NULL pointer i was passing to, have verified the same.
Your original code should work unless the parameter you are passing to the setStringValue function is a private datamember of some other class.
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gssajith87 5-Dec-12 9:46am    
Hi, the same call from another function works fine, when i call it from the second function, the ACCESS_VIOLATION comes in, in all the ways, both call is similar, but fails in the second. Not able to find the reason for crash, it was weird.
gssajith87 5-Dec-12 9:52am    
And one more information, as u asked, the variable that i am calling is a local variable of the calling function
Aswin Waiba 6-Dec-12 1:04am    
Try this

void setStringValue(string stringText)
m_stringTest = stringText;

This should make it clear if you're passing a corrupted string.
gssajith87 7-Dec-12 12:35pm    
Thanks Aswin, I tried the same , still had issues.

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