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I am relatively new to Node js and was working on .NET MVC. When I am trying to run it using command - 'node index', its giving me an below error.

H:\Services\src>node index
import app from './app';

SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module
?[90m    at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:895:18)?[39m
?[90m    at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:995:10)?[39m
?[90m    at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:815:32)?[39m
?[90m    at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:727:14)?[39m
?[90m    at Function.Module.runMain (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1047:10)?[39m
?[90m    at internal/main/run_main_module.js:17:11?[39m

Below is my package.json file. It says it is using node version 8.0.0 and npm version 5.0.0. Bt I have installed node version is v12.14.0 and NPM installed version is 6.13.4.

  "name": "core",
  "version": "0.0.1",
  "description": "Core",
  "main": "dist/index.js",
  "engines": {
    "node": "8.0.0",
    "npm": "5.0.0"
  "scripts": {
    "prestart": "npm run -s build",
    "start": "node dist/index.js",
    "dev": "nodemon src/index.js --exec \"node -r dotenv/config -r babel-register\" localdev",
    "clean": "rimraf dist && rimraf -p",
    "build": "npm run clean && mkdir -p dist && babel src -s -D -d dist",
    "test": "jest --watch",
    "lint": "esw -w src test"
  "keywords": [
  "author": "ABC",
  "license": "UNLICENSED",
  "dependencies": {
    "babel-cli": "6.26.0",
    "babel-plugin-transform-object-rest-spread": "6.26.0",
    "babel-preset-env": "1.6.1",
    "cors": "2.8.5",
    "express": "4.16.4",
    "js-yaml": "3.12.2",
    "mssql": "5.0.0",
    "winston": "3.1.0",
    "winston-daily-rotate-file": "3.5.1"
  "devDependencies": {
    "babel-eslint": "7.2.3",
    "babel-jest": "21.0.2",
    "babel-register": "6.24.1",
    "dotenv": "4.0.0",
    "eslint": "4.10.0",
    "eslint-config-airbnb-base": "12.1.0",
    "eslint-plugin-import": "2.8.0",
    "eslint-plugin-jest": "21.0.2",
    "eslint-watch": "3.1.0",
    "nodemon": "1.18.10",
    "rimraf": "2.6.3"
  "babel": {
    "presets": [
          "targets": {
            "node": "current"
    "plugins": [
  "eslintConfig": {
    "parser": "babel-eslint",
    "plugins": [
    "parserOptions": {
      "ecmaVersion": 2017,
      "sourceType": "module"
    "env": {
      "node": true,
      "jest": true
    "extends": [

I am just looking to run this code and test it locally. Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

I have tried different google solutions for above error but each time gets a diff error depending upon steps I am doing to fix the issue.
Updated 24-Feb-21 2:29am

I noticed that your start command (from package.json is:
"start": "node dist/index.js"

Have you tried:
/>npm start <ENTER>
to see if the start command will run?
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I was facing proxy issue while installing npm locally which I have resolved from

Then I am able to run the application without any issue.
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I fixed the problem adding libraries to control typescript in Node.
Here goes:

yarn add typescript -D
yarn tsc --init
yarn add ts-node-dev -D

now go to package.json and create:
"scripts": {
"start": "tsnd <pathtoyourfile>" //Example: tsnd src/server.ts

run yarn start and happy codding
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Using typescript files(with import statements) and webpack to create js files.

tsconfig.json needs to contain the following line:

"module"             : "CommonJS",

This replaces import to require statements in the built js files when running webpack.
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