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Please help I am confused between C programing book
1. Lets Us C
2. Haed first C
3. C programming by Ritchie
**please help**

What I have tried:

some say Lets Us C and other say C programming by Ritchie
Updated 27-Mar-20 20:10pm
Mike Hankey 27-Mar-20 13:17pm
C Programming by Ritchie has been the standard for many years and the one I have on my desk!
KarstenK 27-Mar-20 13:21pm
Best is the book what you like to read and use. You need to find an understanding of the language.

So even some "Dummy" book may help you to kickstart your coding skills ;-)

If all of them have been recommended to you, just spend a little time looking at their contents and reviews on Amazon, then buy one.

The purpose of this kind of book is to get you going. As you gain experience, you'll find other places to go to for more information, such as the documentation for whichever C compiler you're using, this site,, and so on. One book won't come close to covering everything that you need to learn.
Greg Utas 27-Mar-20 13:45pm
I own this book (the first edition, so probably a bit dated) and agree that it's good.
Richard MacCutchan 27-Mar-20 13:53pm
Same here. Learned it in a weekend over 30 years ago.
K@R by far.
Outdated ? So what.
For updates... (see Mrs Google).

No 500+ pages of "click this and click that.."

Next , if you are really serious



Alan Cooper "Inmates are running the asylum"

and "for good time / laughs"

"Business @ the Speed of Thought"
Now days you can learn the basics by just searching the WEB.
If you want to go to the source, then I would recommend "Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie" ANSI C. Some people will say that it is out of date, but in reality, the language has not changed in the passed 30+ years. They have added a few types, etc., but otherwise no change.

The C-Language is as close as you can get to writing assembly without actually having to write it in an assembly language.

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