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I am writing a web crawler in Node js with the request module and redis as url cache.
What I try to accomplish is a constantly crawler loop (endlessly) which gets a url from redis and makes a https request.

I have tried to add paralell requests limitation. For example 10 parallel requests.
I do not know why but no matter if I choose 10 or 1000 the outcome is always the same.
Within one minute only between 100 and 200 requests get processed.

Please give me a hint where am I doing wrong. I would like to process 60.000 requests (urls) per minute, but even if I choose 10k parallel requests as limit it process only between 100 and 200 requests within a minute.

My code as below:

the crawler loop:
var limit   = 1000;       // parallel requests limit
var running = 0;  

function loop() {
  while(running < limit) {

// and the req function to make the https requests to the urls given by redis:

  function req (callback){;
    client.RANDOMKEY([], function (err, result) {
    var url = result;

    if(err) { 
      return  callback();
    else if (url == null || url == "" ) {
      return  callback();
    else {
      request(url,function(error, response, body){
        return callback();

What I have tried:

I tried to play with setTimeout and fire more concurrent requests even that didn't work out no matter what I have tried I never got more than 200 requests being processed in a minute. Cannot believe that this is the limit node js is capable of.
Updated 6-May-20 0:56am
Richard MacCutchan 4-May-20 15:21pm    
"Captain, I canna change the laws of physics".
Gerry Schmitz 4-May-20 15:45pm    
... And all ISP's are the same. And all web sites. And all links. And all pages.
ZurdoDev 4-May-20 16:03pm    
It's more likely a limit of what's running it.
NodejsToGo 4-May-20 16:15pm    
I am running on ubuntu with a cloud server of Ionos. I really do not have a clue what is limiting my requests do you ? Node js could easily run 1000k requests per second normally.
Dave Kreskowiak 4-May-20 17:41pm     CRLF
Node js could easily run 1000k requests per second normally. Yeah, if you were writing a SERVER application that's taking inbound requests. Outbound requests to that many servers, not so much.

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