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See more: Here is my website and you will see when you open it my picture might move depending on the screen size in which you open it. How do I keep my image from moving? Here is my code below.

.model {

position: absolute;

height: 70%;

bottom: 15%;

left: 60%;

transform: translateX(-70%);


u/media only screen and (min-width : 1824px) {

.model {

height: 65%;

bottom: 30%;

left: 55%;



u/media screen and (max-width: 1250px) {

.model {

height: 500px;

bottom: 100px;

left: 65%;

transform: translateX(-80%);

padding-bottom: 100px;



What I have tried:

I have changed the position from absolute to relative but it messes up the positioning of my picture and words.
Updated 9-Nov-20 3:00am
Anurag Gandhi 27-Oct-20 16:33pm    
Try position: fixed;
Member 14976864 5-Nov-20 4:26am    
Thank you for answering Anurag! However, when I move the position to fixed, the picture moves down as I scroll down.

1 solution

The main problem you have is the "absolute" only really makes sense if you give absolute value for the location.

You are using % - which by definition is relative, in all but when of your style blocks.

position:fixed is only useful if you want the element to stay right where it is, even if the screen scrolls - very possible since you're handling multiple screen sizes.

You need to decide if your want to put them in absolute screen positions or keep squeezing them into relative postions with %.
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W Balboos, GHB 11-Nov-20 7:03am    
My stuff, at work, is mostly absolute or semi-absolute. The latter, div elements that that contain internal components that are absolute and it's location . . . depends. This came about, initially, because the workplace was split between FireFox and IE7 (at first) - now it's just FireFox but in order for me to pages work I turned to absolute positioning - and got quite used to it.

Since all my pages are born from php, I have the convenience of making pages that can calculate spacing/positions so everything always fits.

You don't have to declare your positioning type for every element. Now I do realize that % is very tempting. I've found certain other style don't seem to work without a real value. I live in px land but some new ones exist that I really should look into.

There's no simple answer: I just found and it would seem to be able act as an alternative to the media styles, each with different values. Some places give "best practices" - I say - you're own experience and way of thinking will create your own practices. I love tables - and don't give a crap that they want you to use div's, instead.

You've got to play around with this stuff until you develop your instincts (really knowledge that just flows).

Last thing: for this or any Q&A: if you get your answer mark it 'accepted' so it doesn't keep getting attention.

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