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So im trying to figure out for alot of hours how i can make it save my listbox items in a existing file.

So basically what my program does is ; whenever i click the start button it creates a folder name with date... inside the folder it creates 2 text files "good" & "bad"..

So whenever something is good it should put it in the listbox1. when i press a button i want to it save it automatically to the text file.

// create folder
           string myDate = DateTime.Today.ToString(" [yyyy-MM-dd]");
           DateTime now1 = new DateTime();
           now1 = DateTime.Today;
           string today = now1.ToString();
           Directory.CreateDirectory("Results" + myDate);
           File.WriteAllText(Path.Combine("Results" + myDate, "Good.txt"), "");
           File.WriteAllText(Path.Combine("Results" + myDate, "Bad.txt"), "");

save button (empty atm because nothing worked)
private void button9_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


What I have tried:

i tried streamwriter but everytime it denies the folder or it cant find, and i dont really know how to implement a folder with date inside the code to make it find.

in my "checking" script at the end of "working" script it will perform automatically a click on the button9 to make it save after each working proxy.

This is basically the idea.
Updated 6-Jan-21 5:11am
Ersin Aydogdu 6-Jan-21 9:35am    
File.WriteAllText(Path.Combine("Results" + myDate, "Bad.txt"), "");

i have left ""blanc aswell because it didnt work neither to put listbox1.text in there like :

File.WriteAllText(Path.Combine("Results" + myDate, "Bad.txt"), "listBox1.Text");
CHill60 6-Jan-21 10:04am    
Format the date in the folder or filename in ISO 8601 format[^] e.g. 20210106.
If you are using "normal" date format like 06/01/2021 the "/" is an illegal character in a file path
Sorry - just realised you are doing that.
You need to tell us exactly what the error message is - but you are including the filename in the Path.Combine ... I don't think that is right
Richard MacCutchan 6-Jan-21 10:09am    
You just need to iterate the items in the ListBox and write each one to whichever file it belongs to.
CHill60 6-Jan-21 10:10am    
Ah - is it because the documentation says "The parameters are not parsed if they have white space." and your myDate variable begins with a space? Try taking the space off and see if that works
string myDate = DateTime.Today.ToString("[yyyy-MM-dd]");
jsc42 6-Jan-21 10:15am    
Try changing your
File.WriteAllText(Path.Combine("Results" + myDate, "Bad.txt"), "listBox1.Text");
File.WriteAllText(Path.Combine("Results" + myDate, "Bad.txt"), listBox1.Text);

i.e. getting the text from lstBox1 rather than writing the literal string "listBox1.Text"

1 solution

File.WriteAllText empties any existing file and starts it again - so it's probably File.AppendAllText you want to use instead.

But the problem is likely to be where you are storing the data - because you don't give any path information the folder you create will be in the current directory - which in production will be under Program Files and will be write protected for security.
If you specify a full path, then the folder will be created in a "sensible place" instead of under the EXE file, and it's very likely your problem will disappear.

Have a look here: Where should I store my data?[^] for some better ideas.
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