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I recently learned about the Registry in Windows, more specifically about the directory;

There you can make a key called eg. Test and another key called command and there you can make a new String Value linked to some .bat File and it will execute when you click on a Folder and select Test.

Source: pureinfotech.

But I have a question. This will happen if you click on a Folder, eg.
Click on Folder:
Click On Folder

My Question: Is there some HKEY Path that will execute when you are in the folder, and click in any free Space, e.g.
Click in Folder:
Click in Folder

Regards, Tanmay

What I have tried:

I've browsed many HKEY Paths, looked up in the internet, but could not find anything.
Updated 6-Apr-21 3:49am
Richard Deeming 6-Apr-21 9:50am    
I have removed the hidden link to the "pureinfotech" site, which makes your question look like spam.

If you just scroll down from Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory you will find the Folder key.

However, be warned, that editing registry keys carries risk. If you make mistakes you can cause serious system problems.
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That's the registry key for your purposes of your custom context menu showing while right clicking on the folder's white background space.
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