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Hi, every time i add an another List to List the first data is being tampered.
all i want is to add a new set of data without affecting the previous data inside of my List. Kindly check my code below i know I'm not a good explainer.

baplieContainerDO oBaplieContainerDO;
       List<List<baplieContainerDO>> setBaplieContainerDetails;
       public Form1()
           oBaplieContainerDO = new baplieContainerDO();
           setBaplieContainerDetails = new List<List<baplieContainerDO>>();

       private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
           List<List<baplieContainerDO>> AA = getBaplieContainerDetails();
           foreach (var List in AA)
               foreach (var item in List)
                   string a = item.stowageCell;
                   string b = item.freeText;
                   string c = item.containerNumber;
       public List<List<baplieContainerDO>> getBaplieContainerDetails()
           var arlist1 = new ArrayList();
           for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
               oBaplieContainerDO.stowageCell = i.ToString();
               oBaplieContainerDO.freeText = i.ToString();
               oBaplieContainerDO.containerNumber = i.ToString();
               setBaplieContainerDetails.Add(new List<baplieContainerDO> { oBaplieContainerDO });
           return setBaplieContainerDetails;
       public class baplieContainerDO
           public string stowageCell { get; set; }
           public string freeText { get; set; }
           public string containerNumber { get; set; }

What I have tried:

i tried array list but it's the same
Updated 14-Apr-21 23:40pm
Anurag Gandhi 15-Apr-21 4:04am    

Provided both the lists are of same List<t> type.
Reden Rodriguez 15-Apr-21 4:18am    
you want me to change my List<bapliecontainerdo> to List<string>? if yes i already tried this and yes this will work but i need my Class inside of List..

1 solution

I don't understand why you're using a List<List<baplieContainerDO>>, doesn't quite make sense since you're only ever adding one item to that nested list. But according to your question:
first data is being tampered

This is because you create your oBaplieContainerDO object only once and then you store it against the class in a field. Then later when in your loop you're updating the same object instance over and over:
oBaplieContainerDO.stowageCell = i.ToString();
oBaplieContainerDO.freeText = i.ToString();
oBaplieContainerDO.containerNumber = i.ToString();

You need to create a new instance of this class in each loop instead of updating the existing object, that's why all of the elements in the list are being updated to the same values.
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