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Hi I am using this code to make a notification in java. But it is showing
How can I remove it.

SystemTray tray = SystemTray.getSystemTray();

        TrayIcon trayIcon = new TrayIcon(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getImage(""),"TEST");
        trayIcon.displayMessage("TITLE", "Text", TrayIcon.MessageType.NONE);


What I have tried:

Updated 15-Jul-21 5:46am
Richard MacCutchan 15-Jul-21 10:23am    
What is showing that message and where?
Mr.Corona 15-Jul-21 10:26am    
I have edited the question see it to see the img.
Mr.Corona 15-Jul-21 10:33am    
I have edited the question see it to see the imgage.
Richard MacCutchan 15-Jul-21 11:04am    
The display is correct. The title of the message box is generated by Windows, so you know where it comes from.
Mr.Corona 15-Jul-21 22:11pm    
So can I change that?

1 solution

If you are having trouble with some code then make use of the documentation or tutorials:
How to Use the System Tray (The Java™ Tutorials > Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing > Using Other Swing Features)[^]
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Mr.Corona 15-Jul-21 11:15am    
not working sir
Richard MacCutchan 15-Jul-21 11:17am    
What is that supposed to mean?
Mr.Corona 15-Jul-21 21:57pm    
Sir in that link there is no example of creating a notification. When I searched google and found a solution it showed the notification but the problem is it is showing java tm platform binary.. . When i converted my program to an executable using Launch4j, then also it is showing java tm ..... How can I remove that?
Richard MacCutchan 16-Jul-21 3:13am    
The link I gave you contains a link the the demo code that provides a full example of the use of the TrayIcon class; that is why I posted it here. And I know it is correct as I downloaded the sample myself and tested it.

As to your question, I already told you that the title on the notification box is put there by the Windows system so you cannot remove it.
Mr.Corona 17-Jul-21 2:44am    
But this

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