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I want to automate outlook using Python.
Sending Daily Mails, opening a mail and edit it and send mannually.
Opening Mails by subject line

What I have tried:

Tried Searching Net
Referring this link Outlook Account — pyOutlook 4.2.2 documentation[^]
Updated 17-Sep-21 20:00pm
Richard MacCutchan 17-Sep-21 11:50am    
What is the question?
OriginalGriff 18-Sep-21 1:58am    
Don't "bump" your question: it's rude, arrogant, unnecessary, and doesn't help you get a faster answer. By all means add info, but just editing it to get it back to the top of the "unanswered" list is just saying "I'm more important than anyone else, so deal with *MY* question and ignore the rest".
And so is everybody else, and everybody else's questions. If everyone was this thoughtless and rude, you'd never get an answer to anything, because all we'd be able to see would be 100 pages of idiots bumping all the real questions to page 100+
All you do is annoy people, and get them to deliberately not even look at your question, much less answer it.
Sandeep Chavan 2021 18-Sep-21 8:16am    
Hi Richard,
Thanks for our suggestion.
This is not intentionally done, though I will take care in future.
Thanks and Regards
OriginalGriff 18-Sep-21 9:56am    
I am not Richard.
Richard MacCutchan 18-Sep-21 4:08am    
You actually provided the link in your question. Have you read it yet?

1 solution

I'd say that's probably the place to start - it has examples, explanations, and about everything you need other than the whole project handed to you on a plate ... plus, it probably the only place you are going to find anything at all ... Time to start reading!
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