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I have an CArray<int,int> a, and CArray<int,int> b;
I want to copy b in the beginning of a, so I can't do a.Append(b);

What I have tried:

I tried to use the function "copy" but with copy I copy a vector in an other and the second is deleted
Updated 29-Sep-21 8:29am
jeron1 29-Sep-21 12:38pm     CRLF
Something like? a.InsertAt(0, &b); // inserts the contents of b starting at the beginning of a

If you want the contents of b followed by the contents of a then:

will do it.
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CPallini 29-Sep-21 13:26pm     CRLF
Indeed. 5.
Richard MacCutchan 30-Sep-21 3:59am    
HAve also a look at the InsertAt method: CArray Class | Microsoft Docs[^].

By the way, C++ standard library containers (e.g. std::vector) are usually better than corresponding MFC ones.
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Rick York 29-Sep-21 16:05pm    
Definitely! I still use MFC and never, ever use its containers.

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