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Shellsort must be performed on the letters / keys «THANK» <pre>

I can run this code using this function and get the result but
doing shell sort in math , looks like more complicated.

for each time the inner front loop is finished (ie right after: a [j] = value;): (we have this function below)

I should write the array and write the values of 'h' (4 and 1) and 'i' during the sorting.
Highlight in particular the keys that have been involved in the sorting.

What I have tried:


void shellSort(char arr[], const int n) {
    int  i, j, h;                                          //  Loop variables
    char value;                                           //The value / element that may need to be moved backwards in the subarray
    for (h = 1;  h <= n/9;  h = (3*h)+1)  ;             // NB: Empty for-loop
    char character;
    while (h > 0)  {                                    //  there are subarrays

        for (i = h+1;  i < n;  i++) {                  // Goes through the subarrays:
           value = arr[i];                           // The one that may be moved within the subarray.
            j  = i;                                   // Initiates to current item.
            while (j > h  &&  arr[j-h] > value) {
                arr[j] = arr[j-h];                   // Moves it up 'h' places.
                j -= h;                              // Index becomes the 'h' places further down
            arr[j] = value;                           // Slips into place where 'j' has stopped
                             cout << "\n\nH = " << h << " IS FINISHED!!\n\n";
                            cin >> character;
        h /= 3;                                          // 'h' is reduced to one-third for each loop.
Updated 5-Oct-21 23:57pm
Rick York 6-Oct-21 22:30pm
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