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I want to develop my control lile window media player in c#

What I have tried:

I have used window media player control.but i don't like to use it.I want to develop my own control.Can you suggest me
Updated 9-Oct-21 9:28am
Mike Hankey 9-Oct-21 14:28pm
That's a very broad subject and depends a lot on your expectations.

Your skill level and confidence in programming c# will determine the outcome.

You might want to check out some of the other media apps instead.
Gerry Schmitz 9-Oct-21 14:58pm
"I don't like it" is hardly a reason to toss a control that can be customized / subclassed. And since there are "players" and "media elements" and Forms versus Windows, there are even more options.

Take a look at this CodeProject article: PVS.MediaPlayer - Audio and Video Player Library[^]
That's an ambitious project, so much so that I wouldn't do it myself as the time investment would be far too much for it to be worth my while.

I'd strongly suggest that you invest a couple of days in research before you start - begin here: MP3 - Wikipedia[^] and work out how to read and understand a MP3 file. When you have that sorted (and you'll have to do something similar for each sound format your want to support - there are loads to choose from) you can start looking at how you actually create sound on a PC so you can begin playing music. Chances are you may want to learn C++ for that bit as you need your code to be both performant and fairly close to the hardware, which C# isn't that good at.

You are going to have to be pretty solid in both languages and experience: this isn't even slightly a job for a beginner!

If you do get it up and running, then an Article[^] here would be well read I suspect.
Good luck!

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