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I'm trying to install ubuntu 16.04 because I'm using a code that uses tensorflow 1.11 which is compatible with cuda 9 which is compatible with ubuntu 16.04. The problem is that each time I try to install ubuntu it crashes as it cannot see the HDD connected by sata ! so any source I could download ubuntu from it (knowing that I downloaded it from the official site of ubuntu) or any solution for this problem.

What I have tried:

I tried installing centos 7 and the same problem exists
Updated 14-Oct-21 4:41am
Mike Hankey 14-Oct-21 10:45am
Where are trying to install it? PC, Laptop, VM, ??

More information would be very helpful.
Youssef Hany 2021 14-Oct-21 11:03am
Richard MacCutchan 14-Oct-21 11:23am
If the official source does not install, then you should report the problem at the ubuntu web site.
k5054 14-Oct-21 11:28am
What are the specs on the PC? Specifically what motherboard? Ubutuntu 16.04 was released in 2016, and went EOL in April of last year, so almost all PC's manufactured in that era should be supported. How are you installing? From DVD or USB stick? Can you boot a live DVD and see the SATA controller? e.g lspci | grep SATA should show list the controller. Once you know the SATA controller model, maybe a google search for that Ubuntu 16.04 might give useful results.

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