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I am using it to create a windows app interface. I would like a video to play in the interface and not have another window pop up that plays the video. I have discovered a library called Tkinter VideoPlayer which is specifically used to play a video in a label. However, when I run the code with the existing code I have, I get the error: "TypeError: init() got multiple values for argument 'scaled'" I understand that the "scaled" variable is getting different values at the same time which is the reason why the code is not running. However, I am not sure how to fix this. I will include my code and the Github repository link. Github link: <a href=""></a>

<pre>import tkinter as tk
from tkVideoPlayer import TkinterVideo

HEIGHT = 700
WIDTH = 800

root = tk.Tk()

canvas = tk.Canvas(root, height = HEIGHT, width=WIDTH)

#Background Picture
background_img = tk.PhotoImage(file = "GundamNarrative2.png")
background_label = tk.Label(root, image=background_img), relheight=1)

background = tk.Frame(root, bg = "blue"), rely=.1, relwidth=0.75, relheight=0.1, anchor="n")

# Buttons
record_button = tk.Button(background, text = "Record", bg = "green") = 0, rely = .5, relwidth = 0.15, relheight = .5)

skeleton_button = tk.Button(background, text = "Skeleton", bg = "red") = .4, rely = .5, relwidth = 0.15, relheight = .5)

frame_button = tk.Button(background, text = "Frame", bg = "yellow") = .85, rely = .5, relwidth = 0.15, relheight = .5)

video_label = tk.Label(background, text = "Enter video name below") = 0.4, rely=0, relwidth=.25, relheight=.15)

#Entry Area
entry = tk.Entry(background, bg = 'gray') = 0.4, rely=.15, relwidth=.25, relheight=.35)

#Bottom Frame
bottom_frame = tk.Frame(root, bg = "blue", bd=10) = .5, rely=0.25, relwidth=.75, relheight=.65, anchor = "n")

screen = tk.Label(bottom_frame, text = "I want video to play here", bg = "gray"), rely=0, relwidth=1, relheight=1)

#Error in line below
videoplayer = TkinterVideo(screen, scaled=True, pre_load=False)
videoplayer.load("C:\\Users\\jcoli\\PycharmProjects\\SwimCodeProject\\PoseVideos\\"), rely=0, relwidth=1, relheight=1)


What I have tried:

I have tried taking a look at the Tkinter VideoPlayer library and asking others on StackOverflow
Richard MacCutchan 19-Dec-21 12:41pm    
The problem must be in the library, or the manner in which you are calling it, But without more details it is impossible to guess.
Junwoo Kim 19-Dec-21 12:44pm    
I agree with that. What details would be helpful to add?
Richard MacCutchan 19-Dec-21 12:49pm    
No idea, since I do not know what the library code is doing. You will need to do some debugging first.

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