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I am sorry for the misleading title , but I cannot recall the exact term
There is a way to pass unspecified number of parameters to a function.
I think the syntax is


the parameters must be of same type

Anyway . if somebody can kindly give me the correct term I can ask Mrs Google.


What I have tried:

I did ask Mrs Google - no good without correct term
Updated 9-Jan-22 9:02am
Rick York 8-Jan-22 12:24pm    
You have the answer but it is important to note that the arguments are not required to be of the same type.

What you're talking about is called a Variadic Function[^].
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It's called variable arguments, and it's pretty simple: C - Variable Arguments[^]
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Member 14968771 8-Jan-22 16:00pm    
OK, I did check this
It states that "first argument has to be "int" to specify number of arguments being passed. Then if gives an example and the first argument is 1 in both of them.
What gives ?
OriginalGriff 8-Jan-22 16:21pm    
Did you check the actual examples at the bottom of the page?
Member 14968771 8-Jan-22 17:08pm    
No, I just checked the first one...but I got the concept.
I was using QString but I need to convert it to pointers, maybe even array of pointers. Then I won't need this variadic function....
Member 14968771 8-Jan-22 17:15pm    
Checked it - the last example has the counter as first, the top has it as last - in the text. So my take is - does anybody czech their articles before posting? But the count does not matter - it can be czeched in function itself.
( oh yes - what do I expect for free..._

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