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I am sorry for the misleading title , but I cannot recall the exact term
There is a way to pass unspecified number of parameters to a function.
I think the syntax is


the parameters must be of same type

Anyway . if somebody can kindly give me the correct term I can ask Mrs Google.


What I have tried:

I did ask Mrs Google - no good without correct term
Updated 9-Jan-22 8:02am
Rick York 8-Jan-22 12:24pm    
You have the answer but it is important to note that the arguments are not required to be of the same type.

It's called variable arguments, and it's pretty simple: C - Variable Arguments[^]
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Member 14968771 8-Jan-22 16:00pm     CRLF
OK, I did check this It states that "first argument has to be "int" to specify number of arguments being passed. Then if gives an example and the first argument is 1 in both of them. What gives ?
OriginalGriff 8-Jan-22 16:21pm    
Did you check the actual examples at the bottom of the page?
Member 14968771 8-Jan-22 17:08pm     CRLF
No, I just checked the first one...but I got the concept. I was using QString but I need to convert it to pointers, maybe even array of pointers. Then I won't need this variadic function....
Member 14968771 8-Jan-22 17:15pm     CRLF
Checked it - the last example has the counter as first, the top has it as last - in the text. So my take is - does anybody czech their articles before posting? But the count does not matter - it can be czeched in function itself. ( oh yes - what do I expect for free..._
What you're talking about is called a Variadic Function[^].
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