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How do I programmatically extract all the data an Android device transfers over to a Windows machine when connected via USB? Specifically I'm looking for ways to get a device's manufacturer and model and to print this information into a plain text file. Working with either CMD or PowerShell.

What I have tried:

I have no idea where to get started as most related questions are only about getting the actual user data that lies in an Android device.
Updated 22-Feb-22 10:41am
Richard MacCutchan 11-Jan-22 6:56am    
You most likely need to capture this information on the device, and store it in a file that is accessible from the PC.
spacemonkey228 11-Jan-22 7:13am    
Thanks for the reply! What do you mean by capturing this information on the device?
Richard MacCutchan 11-Jan-22 7:17am    
I mean that this information is internal to the Android system, so it is most likely not possible (or difficult) to get it via an external connection. So you need to find a way on the Android to copy it into a location that is visible to an external device.
spacemonkey228 11-Jan-22 7:22am    
Well, when I connect my Xiaomi device, I can see some information displayed in the Device Manager on my Windows 10 machine. I was sure there'd be a way to collect this information in one text file via some internal command on my PC.
David Crow 12-Jan-22 13:38pm    
If such information existed from commands like cpuinfo, lscpu, cpuid, dmidecode, etc you'd still need to do as Richard suggested and put the information in a file.

1 solution

You can write a application in Xamrin to fetch details.
This will help you with libraries
Xamarin.Essentials: Device Information - Xamarin | Microsoft Docs[^]

You can publish those to your web servers. Even i am not sure how to get them when PC has wired connection to device.
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