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Given a number in the form of a linked list(each node contains a digit) you have to break it into two halves, containing floor(n/2) and ceil(n/2) digits respectively. You have to return a pointer to the linked list containing the sum of the numbers represented by the two linked lists.

INPUT: First line contains an integer n. Second line contains n space separated digits.

OUTPUT: A pointer to the sum of the linked lists(should not contain any leading zeroes.(The print List prints all elements in the linked list provided as an argument). )

EXAMPLE: INPUT: 6 1 2 3 4 5 6

OUTPUT: 5->7->9

Explanation: The two linked list will be (1->2->3) and (4->5->6). So we will do an addition 123+456 to get 579

INPUT: 5 0 1 0 1 2

OUTPUT: 1->3

Explanation: The two linked list will be (0->1) and (0->1->2). So we will do an addition 01+012 to get 013. Since no leading zeros is to be printed the output is 13.

What I have tried:

Not able to do it by linked list.
Updated 24-Feb-22 8:59am
jeron1 24-Feb-22 13:03pm    
What is the C question?
Patrice T 24-Feb-22 13:38pm    
It is a do my homework question.
jeron1 24-Feb-22 13:43pm    
I know (hence my vote), but for some reason, I am feeling somewhat optimistic today. A condition I am not used to, trying to remedy as we speak.
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 15:31pm    
5 Stars for Griff for doing the effort of posting subtly to someone that we do NOT do homework here. :)
Rick York 24-Feb-22 20:55pm    
Do a search at the site of your preference for "linked list." You should find several million possibilities including a few at this site. That should tell you how to implement a linked list. This YOUR problem so you need to do the work.

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