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Hello everyone,

I'm in a mission and I have to create an app for test bench, but I look in severals websites without finding what I want. This app need to show a graph with datas which are provided by the test bench. Which language is the best to create this app ?

Thanks for your answers

What I have tried:

For the moment, i'm just searching for the best language.
Updated 17-May-22 20:27pm

1 solution

There isn't "an answer" to that - the language I would chose (C#) is of no use to you unless you know C# and Winforms pretty well already.
Similarly recommending VB, C++, Java, Python, C, Assembler, or even PHP and Javascript are only helpful if you already know what you are doing both with the language(s) and the frameworks they run under.

If you don't know the language then you have a small hill to climb while you learn it. If you don't know the framework then there is a mountain to scale before you can do anything useful!

So start with what you know, and look at how you might implement it in that.

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