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Hello, I am configuring mysql statement from a data to month number. I do get the correct data in MYSQL but not in Python. How do I get this working? The format is %m/%d/%Y.

The output from MYSQL is:
Purchase date = 09/08/2020
Date_Month = 9

The output from Python is:
Date_ID = 684
Purchase_date = 08/12/2020
Date_Month = 683

Date_ID = 685
Purchase_date = 01/09/2020
Date_Month = 684

# Dim_date
for dim_date in processed_response:

    # "date" dimension
    date_purchase = (dim_date["purchase_date"])    
    if date_purchase == None:

    # Check whether this record already exists in the dimension we created.
    date = cursor.execute("""SELECT *, MONTH (STR_TO_DATE(date_purchase, '%m/%d/%Y' )) FROM dim_date""")
    date_month = str(date)

    print (date_purchase, date_month)
    # We do this, because we don't have to insert it twice.
    sql = """
        INSERT INTO dim_date (date_purchase, date_month)
        VALUES ('"""+date_purchase+"""', '"""+date_month+"""')

# End of table
        # Execute the SQL command and commit our changes to the database...
            # Unless something goes wrong, in which case we do a rollback on our changes.

What I have tried:

I have tried to convert date another way. But this way is a must from school.
Updated 6-Jun-22 9:28am

1 solution

You have the following code:
date = cursor.execute("""SELECT *, MONTH (STR_TO_DATE(date_purchase, '%m/%d/%Y' )) FROM dim_date""")
date_month = str(date)

Your SELECT statement should return all columns from every record in dim_date. So your resulting date field will not be a month number.

To be honest, I cannot work out what you are trying to do with this code, as it looks like random statements.

You start with date_purchase so it is a simple matter to extract the month from that, without going to the database. If you want to find any record that was inserted with that value of date_purchase, then you just need something like:
    date = cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM dim_date WHERE purchase_date = " + date_purchase + ";")
# here extract the fields from any returned records.

But this is largely guesswork as I do not know the structure of your database table.
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Megan van Bommel 6-Jun-22 15:37pm    
And how can i get the month of date_purchase?
Richard MacCutchan 6-Jun-22 15:45pm    
You need to look at all your variables to see exactly what they are. I do not know what gets returned by the statement:
date_purchase = (dim_date["purchase_date"])

What is dim_date at this point? Also, to get it in an SQL statement you just need to pass a date string to the MONTH function. To see what you would get from your statement got to MySQL Tryit Editor v1.0[^] and paste the following into the text box:
SELECT *, MONTH("05-06-22") FROM Customers;
Megan van Bommel 6-Jun-22 15:58pm    
the date_purchase will return like 12/31/2020
Megan van Bommel 6-Jun-22 15:59pm    
Dim_date is the name of the table
Megan van Bommel 6-Jun-22 15:59pm    
But I need to convert the date_purchase because it is an string format and not an date format

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