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Hello, i am trying to insert data from datagridview to sql server.
The problem is that in my datagridview , i have decimal values with max 18 number after , and it's only inserting in the database the values with 0 after , .

What I have tried:

I've tried to convert the value in my datagridview to deciaml but not working.

Also i tried DefaultCellStyle.Format and also not working.
dataGridView1.Columns["solde"].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "N2";
Updated 26-Jul-22 22:44pm
Richard Deeming 26-Jul-22 8:36am     CRLF
There's probably something wrong with the code you're using to update the database. Unfortunately, since you haven't shown any of the code, we can't tell you what. At a guess, you may be using string concatenation to build your query, rather than using a properly parameterized query. This will leave you vulnerable to SQL Injection[^], as well as introducing problems with regional formats.
houssem eddine ayari 27-Jul-22 3:31am     CRLF
This is my code to insert in the database from datagridview : SqlCommand cc = new SqlCommand("INSERT INTO [dbo].[C9_V] ([C9],[V],[OID],[USERMODIF]) VALUES ('" + dataGridView1.Rows[i].Cells[0].Value + "', '" + dataGridView1.Rows[i].Cells[1].Value + "', '" + textBox1f2.Text + "', '" + user + "')", conn); cc.ExecuteNonQuery();
Richard Deeming 27-Jul-22 4:39am     CRLF
using (SqlCommand cc = new SqlCommand("INSERT INTO [dbo].[C9_V] ([C9],[V],[OID],[USERMODIF]) VALUES (@C9, @V, @OID, @USERMODIF)", conn))
    cc.Parameters.AddWithValue("@C9", dataGridView1.Rows[i].Cells[0].Value);
    cc.Parameters.AddWithValue("@V", dataGridView1.Rows[i].Cells[1].Value);
    cc.Parameters.AddWithValue("@OID", textBox1f2.Text);
    cc.Parameters.AddWithValue("@USERMODIF", user);
houssem eddine ayari 27-Jul-22 6:05am    
i've tried before this and my problem still persist
CHill60 27-Jul-22 12:46pm    
Can you share a couple of examples of the data you inserting into the database and what you are getting back. Can you also share with us the column definitions of the table?

1 solution

@Richard-Deeming was correct in his guess then. You should never use string concatenation to build SQL queries.
Use Parameterised Queries instead - see Query Parameterization - OWASP Cheat Sheet Series[^]. Apart from helping to protect you from SQL injection it also solves a multitude of problems around data types.
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