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When I click a button software must terminate but is there a way software terminates and then restarts?

What I have tried:

I tried to repete OnInitDialog but software crashes;

void CDlgEstimateTime::OnStnClickedSttext()

	bool b;
    b= OnInitDialog();
Updated 12-Oct-22 6:34am
CHill60 12-Oct-22 10:18am    
You would have to have something else watching for it and restarting if finished. Or have it scheduled to start on a regular basis but self-terminate if there is already an instance running.
Member 14594285 12-Oct-22 11:52am    
thanks for idea

I've written a simple program that relaunches an executable if it exits. See
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Never mind. The solution is obviously inappropriate for this poster.
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That is probably not a good way to do it as OnInitDialog is designed to be called in response to the WM_INITDIALOG message. And that in turn is initiated by the call to DialogBox(Param). You need to have a separate function the resets your startup parameters/values which you can call in response to your special button.
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I put an other dialog and I close principal dialog and then I reopen dialog
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CHill60 13-Oct-22 5:12am    
Your post said that you wanted to restart the program not just close a dialog box! Try to be more precise with your questions and you get more appropriate answers

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