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problem is you can use Listbox TextBlock and any other etc. in Flipview ItemdetailPage if you you DataTemplated. but What ever you add "ListBox" Lıke me in DataTemplate in Flipview ItemDetailPage. That ListBox is not recognize from code behind why ? I put ListBox in flipview and ı tryed to databind at codeBehind boom. not recognise and VisualStudio Say 'The Name TweetList Does not exist in the Current Context' . only Alout navigationParameter but ı want use this TweetList and bind it from observableCollection is any one can hellp us why itemDetailPage.cs not Recognize TweetList
public ItemDetailPage()
           TweetList.ItemsSource = _tweets;
           //'The Name TweetList Does not exist in the Current Context'

       private ObservableCollection<Tweet> _tweets = new ObservableCollection<Tweet>();

       /// <summary>
       /// Populates the page with content passed during navigation.  Any saved state is also
       /// provided when recreating a page from a prior session.
       /// </summary>
       /// <param name="navigationParameter">The parameter value passed to
       /// <see cref="Frame.Navigate(Type, Object)"/> when this page was initially requested.
       /// </param>
       /// <param name="pageState">A dictionary of state preserved by this page during an earlier
       /// session.  This will be null the first time a page is visited.</param>
       protected override void LoadState(Object navigationParameter, Dictionary<String, Object> pageState)
           // Allow saved page state to override the initial item to display
           if (pageState != null && pageState.ContainsKey("SelectedItem"))
               navigationParameter = pageState["SelectedItem"];

           // TODO: Create an appropriate data model for your problem domain to replace the sample data
           var item = SampleDataSource.GetItem((String)navigationParameter);
           this.DefaultViewModel["Group"] = item.Group;
           this.DefaultViewModel["Items"] = item.Group.Items;
           this.flipView.SelectedItem = item;

       /// <summary>
       /// Preserves state associated with this page in case the application is suspended or the
       /// page is discarded from the navigation cache.  Values must conform to the serialization
       /// requirements of <see cref="SuspensionManager.SessionState"/>.
       /// </summary>
       /// <param name="pageState">An empty dictionary to be populated with serializable state.</param>
       protected override void SaveState(Dictionary<String, Object> pageState)
           var selectedItem = (SampleDataItem)this.flipView.SelectedItem;
           pageState["SelectedItem"] = selectedItem.UniqueId;
FrankLavigne 5-Mar-13 17:46pm    
Would you happen to have some sample code I can look at and/or a sketch of what you're trying to make?

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