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I try to draw draw a check box in my CList, my code:

<pre>CRect rect;

	m_listMia.GetSubItemRect(0, 8, LVIR_BOUNDS, rect);
	CButton myButton1;

	BOOL b;

     b = myButton1.Create(_T("My button"), WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | BS_PUSHBUTTON, rect, &m_listMia, 1);

but it doesn't work, so button isn't drawn

What I have tried:

I tried code that I've written
Updated 29-Nov-22 5:17am
jeron1 29-Nov-22 10:11am    
Not a lot of code there. I'm guessing you're referring to CListCtrl? If so, perhaps check this article for adding checkboxes.
Member 14594285 29-Nov-22 10:16am    
I've seen this class but my methos if is correct is faster
jeron1 29-Nov-22 11:04am    
So you've gotten it to work using another method, but it was too slow?
Member 14594285 29-Nov-22 10:13am    
yes CListCtrl

1 solution

I have used a control derived from CListCtrl that I found here many years ago to do this. It works quite well and I highly recommend it : Another Report List Control[^].
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