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My Application is compiled in VS2010 [c++]. Starting the application in Windows2000 Server Sp4 throws error popup saying - "Decodepointer could not be located in kernel32.dll". Google did not help. Have any one seen such problem before. All suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Updated 29-Jan-13 7:37am

If you are building an app that needs to run on a down-rev version of windows (or an old version of Internet Explorer) you need to pay attention to the settings of _WIN32_WINNT and _WIN32_IE. These specify to the compiler what minimum OS and IE will be supported on target systems.

Here is what I use for minimum support of "Vista":

#define _WIN32_WINNT    _WIN32_WINNT_VISTA  // We are Vista
#define _WIN32_IE       _WIN32_IE_IE80      // IE 8.0

I'll leave the Windows 2000 setting as an "exercise for the reader." The MS docs should be helpful.

These definitions are typically placed in the stdafx.h file, which is (by Microsoft's intention) included in every .cpp file.

I think you'll find that if you do this you will get errors saying that "symbol DecodePointer" does not exist, and the message(s) will point to where your code needs to change.
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DecodePointer is a function which comes with Windows XP SP2 and is not supported on Windows 2000 Have you compiled software which is not suited for Windows 2000?[^]
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gssajith87 30-Jan-13 1:01am    
Thanks Vyacheslav. Yes, i too saw the link., and searched for the function DecodePointer in my entire solution but not able to find one., Can you tell me which library or dll will be using DecodePointer call internally in common? (I am suing Md5, AES, BlowFish encryption and decryption algorithm. Have also used LZ4 and Zlib Algorithms included in my proj library.)

I have compiled the my solution in VS2010 with Linker->system->Minimum Required Version as 5.0.

Previously, i was getting an error saying, Invalid Win32 application which got solved by applying the above Configuration Change in VS2010.

Now, i am struck with this error "Procedure entry point for Decode pointer cannot be located in Kernel32.dll". Is there a way i can compile my solution, so that i can skip this error. ?

Vyacheslav Voronenko 30-Jan-13 1:36am    
You need to review version requirements for all the 3rd party libraries you are using. Windows 2000 is quite old system - so it could be not supported in some of the libraries used.
gssajith87 30-Jan-13 2:54am    
Thanks for your time Vyacheslav

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