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When I have right button down event I have this function:

BOOL CScarView::PreTranslateMessage(MSG * pMsg)

and inside I have all code, but if I must call function PretranslateMessage what message I must put?

pMsg->message = ON_WMRIGHT


What I have tried:

I tried to use code inside pretranslate message directly ma I have much errors..I prefer call function pretranslate message
Updated 13-Jul-23 10:02am
jeron1 13-Jul-23 10:23am    
Couldn't you use PostMessage or SendMessage and send the WM_RBUTTONDOWN event to the appropriate window?
Member 14594285 13-Jul-23 10:33am    
I must use pretranslate message
jeron1 13-Jul-23 10:39am    
Any particular reason why?

1 solution

I was uncertain about this so I performed an experiment. I opened a dialog in one of my programs and then I fired up the Spy++ utility and after filtering out a LOT of messages I see what's going on. The dialog receives the message WM_RBUTTONDOWN with fwKeys set to MK_RBUTTON and the coordinates of the click. Then it receives the WM_RBUTTONUP messages with fwKeys set to 0 and the same coordinates sent previously. The coordinates appear to be relative to the dialog's window. There is another message that is relevant: WM_ACTIVATEAPP which activates the app but as long as your program is the foreground window you won't need that.

This was done using a dialog but I saw exactly the same things when using a regular program and clicking in its client area.

I highly recommend checking out Spy++ and learning out to use it. It is very useful for things like this. You can find it in VisualStudio 2022's Common7/Tools directory. Initially you will see tons of messages being logged but it has a configurable filter that can suppress "noise" messages such as WM_KICKIDLE and others like it.
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Member 14594285 14-Jul-23 3:04am    
I did it:

MSG MSGProiez; // Messaggio da girare al motore delle funzioni.

MSGProiez.hwnd = nullptr;
MSGProiez.message = WM_RBUTTONDOWN; = = 0;
MSGProiez.wParam = 0;
MSGProiez.lParam = MAKELONG(0, 0);
MSGProiez.time = 0;


but if I insert function inside a timer crashes, if I insert trhis inside a button works

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