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I have a class that I added to y project in vs 2022, but when I compile I have this error:
Access to vcxproj.filters denied

What I have tried:

I tried to remove class and put it but I have the same error
Updated 20-Jul-23 23:34pm

You have an access issue with one of your control files so you need to examine the project structure in the Windows Explorer. This has nothing to do with adding (or removing) a class to a project. The general structure for C++/MFC projects is:
<PROJ>.vcxproj            // the main project control file, used to build the project(s)
<PROJ>.vcxproj.filters    // the control that groups files into folders in the project.
<PROJ>.vcxproj.user       // not sure what this one is for, but if you delete it, VS will recreate it.

where "<proj>" is the name of your project.
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Not enough information was provided.

Did you restart VS and reload the project?

Did a quick google and found this: VS 2022 Community access denied error when trying to run a Windows Forms App project - Developer Community[^]
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