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I've been struggling for hours now with the proper syntax (in VB) to use an extension method for the above goal which I found here. Whilst the method that contains the call runs without throwing errors, the ProgressBar isn't updated and I can't even identify where the control would be called.

Would someone please be so kind as to correct my syntax?

Thank you!

What I have tried:

The Extension method:
 Public Function WithProgressReporting(Of T)(sequence As ParallelQuery(Of T), increment As Action) As ParallelQuery(Of T)

     Return sequence.Select(Function(x)
                                If increment IsNot Nothing Then
                                End If
                                Return x
                            End Function)
 End Function
The call:
Dim completed As Long = 0
     Dim queryMatchingFiles = From fi In filelist.AsParallel().WithProgressReporting(Function() Interlocked.Increment(completed))
                              Where FilterForLTO(fi) = True
                              Select fi

     Return queryMatchingFiles
Updated 28-Aug-23 9:34am
Richard MacCutchan 26-Aug-23 11:01am    
Why not ask the person on SO who wrote the code?

1 solution

Use the second answer on the page, not the first one.
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Sonhospa 27-Aug-23 16:44pm    
Thank you, Dave, for exposing my "blind spot" to me. After conversion to VB (which I can just read better) it starts making much more sense now, and I'm confident to get it working as soon as I find the time. Have a good day!

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