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I want to create an edit control that when I write something in first edit control void CSecondDlg::EdtUserName() makes second edit control void CSecondDlg::EdtWichUser() write down the same thing automatically.

What I have tried:

I searched for tutorials on YouTube, but I didn't see a solution.
Updated 13-Sep-23 5:11am

That's a little complicated, because generally speaking two instances of a control shouldn't even know that the other exists - it breaks OOPs principles if they do, unless one is the child of another (and parent-child is trivial, so I'm pretty sure you don't mean that!)

The best way to do it is have the first control post a message to it's parent, and have that post it on to the second control. That way, neither control needs to know the other exists but the parent (which created both of them and thus knows all about them) can make the decision which control to forward the text to.
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Presumably the question again concerns an edit control in a dialog. There were already answers for this.
MFC app edit control updating itself[^]
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Andre Oosthuizen 3-Sep-23 5:33am    
Maybe he should try AI again, seems to have worked out for him on his last post. :)
You cannot expect there to be YouTube tutorials on every question you come up with. As already suggested, you should use the documentation to check what features are available in each control that you are using: CEdit Class | Microsoft Learn[^].
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