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Hi friends

I could discover that we can redirect to a specific version of a .net assembly by using configuration file as below:

    <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
        <assemblyIdentity name="myAssembly"
          culture="en-us" />
        <!-- Assembly versions can be redirected in application, 
          publisher policy, or machine configuration files. -->
        <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />

But I do not want to use that config file. In fact I can not do that. I am working on a C++ application which also have some .net modules. We explicitly load the CLR by using stuff as shown below:
ICLRMetaHost *m_pMetaHost = NULL;
	HRESULT hr = CLRCreateInstance(CLSID_CLRMetaHost, IID_ICLRMetaHost, (LPVOID*)&m_pMetaHost);
// Get the runtime host 
	hr = m_pMetaHost->GetRuntime(L"v4.0.30319", IID_ICLRRuntimeInfo, (LPVOID *)&m_pRuntimeInfo);
	if (!m_pRuntimeInfo) {
		*pHR = hr;
		return false;	
// Register our this object as host control
	hr = m_pClrHost->SetHostControl(static_cast<IHostControl *>(this));
	if (FAILED(hr)) {
		*pHR = hr;
		return false;

	// Get pointer to ICLRControl interface
	ICLRControl *pCLRControl = NULL;
	hr = m_pClrHost->GetCLRControl(&pCLRControl);

	if (FAILED(hr) || pCLRControl == NULL) {
		*pHR = hr;
		return false;
// String defines used to construct args to SetAppDomainType.  Note these are wide strings.
	#define ADM_ASSEMBLY_REF L"MyAssembly, Version=%s, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1c8d91d2de78b25e"
	#define ADM_CLASS_REF    L"My.Namespace.MyAppDomainManager"

	// Convert version string to wide char and into assembly ref string
	wchar_t versionInfo[256];
	MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, MI_VERSION_STRING, -1, versionInfo, sizeof(versionInfo) / sizeof(wchar_t));
	wchar_t assemblyRef[512];
	swprintf(assemblyRef, sizeof(assemblyRef), ADM_ASSEMBLY_REF, versionInfo);

	// Set the app domain manager type
	hr = pCLRControl->SetAppDomainManagerType(assemblyRef, ADM_CLASS_REF);

Can someone please tell how can I specify which version of a specific assembly is to be redirected to? Please note that I want to do this with respect to default application only. I am not creating any new application domain. I think while initializing/loading the CLR, we might have some way to specify the configuration information via code instead of using any physical configuration file.

Any help/direction is heartily appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Aseem Sharma
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Jan-13 12:44pm    
Redirect? How can it be redirect? Are you familiar with side-by-side execution?
Aseem Sharma 30-Jan-13 20:03pm    
Thanks Sergey for your reply,

I am not much aware of Side by Side execution. But I could resolve my issue. We just need to override below function in our class MyAppDomainManager (derived from AppDomainManager)

public override void InitializeNewDomain(AppDomainSetup appDomainInfo)

Since here we have access to AppDomainSetup , we can do the redirection stuff here only.


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