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Is there any way to contact the webmaster/admin of For some reason I'm unable to access the webpage using my home internet connection and my CodeProject AI instance is unable to retrieve modules to install (assuming they're hosted on * If I use a VPN or my LTE connection I'm able to access the website fine.

Tried multiple different PCs within my network and they're all the same. I don't believe it's an issue on my end and I'm thinking perhaps my home internet's static IP has been blacklisted/firewalled.

What I have tried:

1. Reset DNS cache
2. Tried multiple PCs.
3. Accessed via LTE - working.
4. Accessed via VPN on home connection - working.
5. Accessed via home connection (no VPN) - fails.
6. Not a DNS issue as the domain can be resolved within my network.
Updated 29-Jan-24 21:38pm

There is a specific forum for such problems: Bugs and Suggestions[^].
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Maciej Los 31-Jan-24 13:48pm    
Yes, this happened after a couple of recent heavy DDOS attacks on the site lead to some "aggressive" IP blacklisting.
You can contact the staff here: Bugs and Suggestions[^] and they will release your IP from it's confines!
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Maciej Los 31-Jan-24 13:48pm    

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