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The data will be just in form of string (TEXT), is there any companies that can help me do it? Or there is a better way? I'm thinking of making a trading card game...
Richard C Bishop 14-Mar-13 9:11am    
That is too large of a subject for this forum. Creating online game will be extremely difficult.
Boudi AlSayed 14-Mar-13 9:14am    
I know how to Create games, I just want to send and receive Text through internet...
[no name] 14-Mar-13 9:21am    
So what is stopping you? There must be literally millions of examples out there that would show you how to send data. Which means that you have tried nothing at all, not even a simple google search.
Boudi AlSayed 14-Mar-13 9:52am    
Yes I didn't try, but I've tried Google search and there is many companies but I want a trusted company, because my father tried five years ago and lost money I don't remember that company name but it is closed now.
[no name] 14-Mar-13 10:28am    
Many companies for what? Hosting companies? Companies to write your code for you? Companies to create your game for you? I think you have strayed into the realm of an off topic question. This has nothing to do with any kind of programming problem.

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