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I have a process running under the "SYSTEM" user which monitors a UPS and I need this to run a batch file as the current logged on user in ordr to perform certain tasks when the supply has failed. I have tried using 'runas' but some of the PC's do not have a password so this will not work. In any case, the user would stil have to enter their password once (asuming I use the /savecred option).

Can anyone think of another way I could get this to work?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 10:38am    
"but some of the PC's do not have a password so this will not work".

You mean PC must have password? Please elaborate to understand it better.
softwaremonkey 10-May-13 13:01pm    
As far as I am aware, the runas command will only work if the user account has a password. Some of the PCs have user accounts without a password.
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 1:02am    
Is it working for PCs which have password?
softwaremonkey 11-May-13 1:16am    
Actually, no, I can't get it to work on any PCs at the moment, and its not clear to me why. Thats what got me thinking, is there another way I can get this to work maybe by writing some additional software?

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