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how to send username and password through url to http authentication dialog in chrome. i am requesting the url\ReportServer in the chrome .it is asking for the username and password in the http authecticaton can i send the username and password through http url .
send me some example.
i tried http://administrator:XXXX%40@ Kali Siddayya
still i am getting the http authenication dialog again .tell some solution
Updated 24-Jul-13 19:57pm

1 solution

Try http://username:password@
if you are using basic auth that will work.
kalisiddayya 24-Jul-13 6:31am
again the dialog is coming .it is not working .In my password i have @symbol also
Guirec 24-Jul-13 23:46pm
so you should html encode your password prior to the call..
kalisiddayya 25-Jul-13 1:55am
i encode the password then also it is not working.
http:administrator:XXXX%40// Kali Siddayya.
Guirec 25-Jul-13 2:02am
encode your password not the @ in the url...

kalisiddayya 25-Jul-13 2:14am
it is not working .i am getting the dialog box again
http://encodedadministrator:encodedXXXXXXX@ Kali Siddayya
kalisiddayya 25-Jul-13 2:16am
do u know name of the text boxes in http authencation dialog so that we can give the value to the textboxe name's
Guirec 25-Jul-13 2:20am
you can't do that... http authentication is not wihthin a form. it adds information to the headers of the http request.

That said : what are you trying to do?? Call the thing manually from the webbrowser or do it programmatically ?

kalisiddayya 25-Jul-13 2:28am
i am open the page based on the url.In java script action ,i can open a page based by giving url directly.when i send the above url .it is asking for the authencation.if i give the system user name and password it is working .but how can i send username and password through url manually.i testing in other system connect in network
Guirec 25-Jul-13 2:32am
look at my answer, it states if you are using "basic authentication" that will work.
If it is not working it means your server is not using "basic auth" but most probably "Windows authentication" and then there is nothing you can do by simply calling a url like that...

kalisiddayya 25-Jul-13 3:23am
sql server setting server credential.
Guirec 25-Jul-13 3:40am
All of that becomes a true non-sense.... You were talking about http authentication and now you are bringing your problem down to sql server...

I suggest you take a moment out of your code and try to read articles about http authentication and its different mechanisms. A bit of theorical knowledge on this will help you narrow down your problem.

Personally, I can not help you much more on this... good luck buddy.
kalisiddayya 25-Jul-13 3:23am
those are defalut taking system user name and password
kalisiddayya 25-Jul-13 4:31am
thanks for your help

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