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How can we do Query Shadow Storage space allocated for particular Windows Partition using a program?

I know it is possible to query the information using vssadmin command line tool and by clicking shadowcopy tab in Windows volume property page.

Is there any Win32 API that returns this particular value? Is there any Registry key that stores this value for every Volume?

Can any one help me on this ?

The_Inventor 31-Jul-13 2:12am    
Use the same DLLs, the other interfaces use, often found in the Windows7 SDK.
gssajith87 31-Jul-13 2:33am    
I could not find an function that returns this particular value in VSSAPI.dll., That is why i thought of checking if an win32 api is available. The windows volume property is displaying the information, so i thought there should be a win32 api or a registry that has this value stored.
The_Inventor 31-Jul-13 3:10am    
Well, this is why, coders are still needed. This is your challenge. If you have the win32API SDK, and can find the code (CPP FILE) that makes the VSSAPI.dll, and examine it. You create an class that uses the 'CVssApi' class as inheritance then you get to do your part.

Then you need to take out the ++ part, to re-win32 it, if you still insist on using the win32 way of things.

Then again, if you know the non-shadow storage space, is not the shadow storage space the same size as the non-shadow storage space? That is the concept of the hidden_file_volume_information_stripe_set, yes?

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