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I have got a peculiar problem. I created a local certificate and I signed a script file with it. When it completes, it sais that the status is valid. But when I try to run the error, I get an error. When I check the Get-AuthenticodeSignature it says my script status is "Unknown Error". I've checked everything, down to the encoding of the file (yes, it's UTF-8, I recreated the file just to be sure, no dice).

Anybody have any idea what is going on?

Error image.
Updated 6-Aug-13 21:35pm
virusstorm 8-Aug-13 13:21pm    
Do you have it configured to use self signed certificates?
KenBonny 13-Aug-13 4:11am    
No, no I have not. Didn't know I should do that. I'll look into it. Thanks.

Will editing the execution policy to RemoteSigend work? Because it was AllSigned. Or did you refer to something else?
virusstorm 13-Aug-13 11:53am    
This URL has some details that might help you.

Typically what I do to help verify that my script is working correctly and it isn't a signing issue is I will temporarily go "Unrestricted".

The other thing you might be running into is your certificate may not be signed by a trusted provider. You said you created a local certificate, how did you go about doing that?
KenBonny 14-Aug-13 8:33am    
I followed the instructions on a website (which I can't seem to find anymore). It basicly said to create a .cer and .pvk file and then use those to create a local certificate and sign the script with that.

But setting the policy to RemoteSigned will work for my company's security rules. Thanks for the information!

1 solution

I changed the ExecutionPolicy to RemoteSigned.

Thanks to virusstorm for the solution. (If he posts the same solution, I'll accept it as the solution and give credit to him.)
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