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how can i make exe file from winows form application, like software.
Updated 24-Jun-22 9:03am

You just compile it. In the bin\Release (or bin\Debug) folder, the .exe will be in there.
Aditya Chauhan 17-Mar-15 0:56am
but in this case when i run this exe from the folder path this dont have any sapace in the task manager
by compiling, Manas means "Buld the solution". Ctrl + Shift + B
if you are looking to make an exe to distribute to others, have a look here:
Extending Visual Studio Setup Project[^]
Member 11084185 20-Feb-15 9:45am
but ctlr+shift+B is for build not for an exe?
1. Go to Visual Studio.
2. Open the app and open the Wndows Forms App project.
You see the "Debug" at the options as selected. Instead select "Release".
3. You go to the "Build" tab, select "Publish Selection" and hit that.
You get prompted with options.
Press "Folder" the first and second time. Now, select where to save the EXE at."(Browse) to select from open and save as (windows)".
Now, press "Finish".
Then press "Publish".
If it finishes, press "Open folder" and you'll see the content of the app. Delete everthing else than the "(app name).dll" and the ".exe".
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CHill60 26-Jun-22 9:32am
You have to hope that in the 9 years since the OP posted this question they have either learned how to build a project or given up on coding entirely.
You have made some not entirely accurate remarks based on several assumptions - that there is a dll and an exe involved - nothing in the question suggests this, and that there are no other files associated with this project at all. There is absolutely no need to delete everything else in the publish folder and if a reader is using data, associated dlls, other resources or configs that do need to be in the publish folder then your advice will break their build entirely.

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