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I Have a loads and loads of data in my table column on which FullTextSearch is to be performed.For suppose in my column i have stjohns,saintanns,st.Peterburg and if i pass "st." then it should return all the three values..Please help me regarding this, Even i tried noise words to eliminate '.', but it is not working.

Thanks in advance
Richard C Bishop 7-Oct-13 10:05am    
What does your query look like? Have you tried "WHERE [column] like '%st%'"?
lohithrao 7-Oct-13 10:38am    
yeah %st.%, it is returning only st. names
Richard C Bishop 7-Oct-13 10:53am    
Ok, what would you expect then? You need to add an "and" to your where clause that checks for both values.

Please go thorough,

-- stjohns, saintanns, st.Peterburg
-- and if u pass "st." then 1 reocrds will display -> st.Peterburg
-- and if u pass "st" then 2 reocrds will display -> stjohns, st.Peterburg
-- and if u pass "s" then 3 reocrds will display -> stjohns, saintanns, st.Peterburg

Declare @val varchar(100) = 's'

FROM YourTableName
WHERE YourColumnName Like '%+ @Val +%'

Have a great day !!!
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Richard C Bishop 7-Oct-13 11:53am    
That will get every column that just has an "s" in it. That is not what the OP needs.
lohithrao 8-Oct-13 5:06am    
Thanks for Reply Padam Agarwal but that doesn't solve my requirement, as when i will pass

Declare @val varchar(100) = 'st.'
Then it should return all the 3 names
Padam Agrawal 8-Oct-13 9:33am    
Hey, I am not getting what you want, as logically can you explain when you pass 'st.' then how it can be returned all of three? what the logical behind it can you describe then i can help you.

on other hand instead of 'st.' you can just pass 's' for all 3 records.

I can help you out only when you describe logic what you exactly want.

lohithrao 15-Oct-13 4:44am    
Thanks for the reply PadamAgarwal ji and sorry for the delay.
In my data base i have
In my Auto-complete box i have an option of sending 3 characters to search from database.I wanted to search 'stJohns' but the user passing 'st.' to get stJohns, As he is thinking that stjohns might be saved as st.johns. This is context.
Padam Agrawal 15-Oct-13 4:48am    
Hmm, Instead of doing adhoc solution you can update the record as st.johns
You would need something like this:

Select * From [table] where [column] like '%st%' and [column] like '%saint%'
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