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I am Doing BSCS(Hons) and now in 7th Semester the has to submit my Final year Project Proposal, I have 3 Options to go for the Technology that is Andriod, Php and Ai. Plz guide me which platform is best for me to work on that also help me to later on selecting my career.

Have some balls and don't be afraid to choose your destiny for yourself. Do you want us to tell you what to do with your life??? (Hmmm, a few tips from me: go and try working as a makeup artist or a ballet dancer...) If you have no clue about any of the directions you listed then taste all of them a bit, read some brief high level documents about them and I'm pretty sure you will be able to choose one for yourself. If you can't, then don't be a programmer, go and work as a businessman or a trader or whatever you like...

BTW, final year projects are rarely serious in my opinion. Take it a bit easier, less seriously. I would choose something that is enough/does-the-job and is the easiest to complete for me based on my current knowledge and I would keep good ideas and energy/effort for myself to make money and to have fun with in real life. If you are the best at Android then do something Android related, if you are better at AI then go that route... What have you programmed so far? Maybe modifying/reshaping one of your old hobby projects would do the job with little effort and invested time...

Some people may dislike this statement but: You goal isn't necessarily showing something interesting but getting high enough score. That's it. You can push for serious achievements outside of the university during your professional career.
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Muhammad Taqi Hassan Bukhari 13-Oct-13 15:14pm    
I love doing java programming that's why i am more interested in Andriod, i also had done some uni projects in php, java, C++ and Assembly X86. but now for the final project i am confused between Adnriod and php a bit. May be its a fear about not getting the Job after the uni.
Andreas Gieriet 13-Oct-13 15:53pm    
Fear is no good advisor.
Develop a plan into what industry you want to go for your first job. Checkout what's in the neighbourhood and make a priority list.
No one is sure if any made decision is the right one - time will show. And if a decision is not the perfect one, it's *you* makeing the best out of it and develop a plan to ... You see how it works ;-)
If you have not yet developed enthusiasm for any studied topic, you have to make a decision if you are doing the right thing. Good luck!
PS: I forgot to answer your question: choose the one you are enthusiastic about. In the future job interview, the interviewer will notice your enthusiasm when you tell about your achievements. This gives positive momentum!
pasztorpisti 13-Oct-13 17:45pm    
Very well said. Enthusiasm is the most important because one can not become a good programmer without that.
Andreas Gieriet 13-Oct-13 18:01pm    
I forgot: my 5 for your answer!
pasztorpisti 13-Oct-13 18:04pm    
Thank you!
That is up to you and your interest. You should select whatever fascinates you and what you want to do in future.

I can give some pros and cons but decision should be yours.

1. Android -- lots of work going on now...suitable for gaming s/w, communication etc.

2. PHP -- Old techonology, lots of ready-made material avaialble on internet. has scope to develop somthing that can be used at corporate level
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Muhammad Taqi Hassan Bukhari 14-Oct-13 12:49pm    
I was more interested in Android than php. A advice and suggestion from seniors helps a lot me to go ahead and choose what i like (Android and Java Programming).
pasztorpisti 14-Oct-13 16:47pm    
If you spend a few years (3-5) in the industry and you spend that time to gain knowledge you will see the big picture and you can easily change to whatever area you like. After gaining the basic knowledge you can easily switch to another area within half to one year but currently it has no point to try to become better by reading our "useless" answers about this topic. The best you can do is spending a few hours on your own projects regardless of the technology they involve. Yes, sometimes finding an interesting topic is more difficult then spending a few hours a day with them. Besides doing regular programming always try to read some good technology articles/blogposts. Good programmers have knowledge that peaks in a few areas but they also have generally useful/good knowledge in a lot of other areas. Having tunnel vision and saying "Android only" and "php only", "which one?" is not a good thing. I'm not an Android programmer, I'm not a php programmer but I could write you relatively good Android code and php code because of my generally good programming skills and more or less Android/php experience. And maybe the most important thing to master: thinking efficiently and being able to prioritize and decide what is most important! For you the two most important things are:
1. having enough scores for your final year project
2. spending the next 2-3 years by gaining valuable knowledge in at least a few areas of programming
Warning!!! Many programmers, especially beginners spend several years by doing almost nothing. Doing the same and same things again and using only your existing knowledge to get the job done if it has to be done often doesn't help in becoming better! Some programmers never become good programmers! Guess why...
pasztorpisti 14-Oct-13 16:53pm    
"only" +4 (to counteract the 3 and) because you forgot to mention that he should probably learn both. :-) Both can be used to create games, communication related programs, both involve a lot of old and new technologies and both can be used at corporate level.
If someone learns android then he learns a lot of generally useful knowledge that will be useful in the future in many other areas: for example Java programming and maybe C/C++ linux programming if it involves some native development.
php: an intermediate/skilled php programmer have a grasp on how http and http client/server software works that is relatively "old technology" but the world is full of it so it is very useful. But even Android developement can require the learning for example http if a program that has to be written for Android needs it. These areas can have significantly large crossections if we delve into the details...

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