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Is there any way to disable the maximize button in WPF page or to disable the resize property of page using XAML or C#

When I searched in Google , I got to disable it in WPF window

How can it possible in WPF page.

Pls suggest me the sample code snippet.
Updated 9-Apr-22 23:39pm

In your MainWindow just set ResizeMode="NoResize"
In first (Window) tag on MainWindow.xaml page add
CHill60 6-Sep-13 8:46am
Two years after the question was posted I'm afraid your answer doesn't add much that wasn't already in solutions 1 and 5
ataraxia89 11-Jul-19 8:02am
@CHill60 none of the other solutions explain how to remove the maximize button only
You can disable windows border and inside your window add close button only :) It's not that hard to do
There is no direct way to disbale the X button (in property ) in a Windows Form, like there is a property for Maximize button called MaximizeBox = false Or Minimize Box = false.

Notes: Before you use code, Please add a Close button in your form so that you can close your app.

Add the following library
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
Declare the following as class level variable
const int MF_BYPOSITION = 0x400;
private static extern int RemoveMenu(IntPtr hMenu, int nPosition, int wFlags);
private static extern IntPtr GetSystemMenu(IntPtr hWnd, bool bRevert);
private static extern int GetMenuItemCount(IntPtr hWnd);

In the Form_Load() event, write the following code
private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
IntPtr hMenu = GetSystemMenu(this.Handle, false);
int menuItemCount = GetMenuItemCount(hMenu);
RemoveMenu(hMenu, menuItemCount - 1, MF_BYPOSITION);
I too was facing this same problem. The solution that i got is:

private void Page_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
((NavigationWindow)LogicalTreeHelper.GetParent(this)).ResizeMode = ResizeMode.NoResize;

If you are using the NavigationWindow(a WPF page is default displayed in a NavigationWindow), we can set the ResizeMode of the NavigationWindow. :)
Try this :
ResizeMode="NoResize" , WindowStyle="ToolWindow"

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