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I have a main window that contains a user control. The user control looks like this:

<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" removed="White">
        <RowDefinition Height="5*"/>
        <RowDefinition Height="75*"/>
        <RowDefinition Height="20*"/>
    <Canvas Grid.Row="0" Background="AliceBlue" ClipToBounds="True" x:Name="TitleCanvas"/>
    <Canvas Grid.Row="1" Background="LightGreen" ClipToBounds="True" x:Name="DrawCanvas"/>
    <Canvas Grid.Row="2" Background="Pink" ClipToBounds="True" x:Name="KeyCanvas"/>

My main window has a SizeChanged event handler which redraws the user control. It all works fine if I resize the window by dragging the edges, but if I resize using maximise or restore my user control doesn't redraw properly.

If I refresh or manually resize after the maximise or restore, the control redraws properly, just not immediately following the maximise or restore.

What is going on?
Varsha Ramnani 22-Jan-14 4:54am    
I don't get why you are using SizeChanged event handler to redraw the user control?
Grid is a fluid layout type so if the parent window's size is changed then the usercontrol size also gets changed and is calculated according to the parameters in Grid...
& it works fine for me anyway i change the size without sizechanged event handler.
your usercontrol belongs to Main window where you have implemented SizeChanged event right?
Kyudos 22-Jan-14 14:37pm    
This is just the framework for the control - the actual contents of each canvas are drawn in code, hence I need to redraw when changing size. The height and width of the control are bound to its containing element (a border), which lives in a grid in the main window. When the app opens (Normal Window) the control renders correctly (contents centered on the DrawCanvas). If I Maximise, the DrawCanvas content doesn't resize or recenter, if I then Restore the content again redraws incorrectly.
Varsha Ramnani 22-Jan-14 23:50pm    
Why use border as a containing element why not another Grid or even stackpanel?
Kyudos 23-Jan-14 6:20am    
Does it make any difference? Its only a border because that's what it was when I inherited it. Looked at this some more, it seems like the control still has the "normal" size when maximised, then gets the 'maximised' size when restored again.
Varsha Ramnani 23-Jan-14 9:32am    
actually it doesn't matter if the border is in main grid...
what is the content that you are drawing on canvas using code?
I checked ActualHeight and ActualWidth of usercontrol at the time of SizeChanged it is new one with maximise/restore or draging to resize.
how are you calculating the size of the content being drawn on canvas?

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