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I want to send a text file as an attachment with email.When i run my code on local development server it runs properly and file gets attached.But when i publish the site on server,It doesnt pick the attachment and the mail is also not sent.Its not an issue of sending mails,bcoz i have checked it by sending mail without attachment,and the mail is sent.The problem is only while attaching file.i have written the path for text file attachment as

string filepath=@"E:\Pwavel\Attachfile\" + filename;
Attachment MyAttachment = new Attachment(filepath);
I have also created "Pwavel" and "Attachfile" folders in E drive of server.
Is there a problem in path ? or any permission issue? i am not able to understand what the problem is..Please Help me...
Updated 28-Jul-14 23:48pm
Agent__007 29-Jul-14 6:08am    
Do you have some sort of logging mechanism in place?
pwavell 29-Jul-14 6:12am    
logging mechanism ? like?.I have a login form..are u asking about that?
vangapally Naveen Kumar 29-Jul-14 7:00am    
i think the server is blocking smtp...
what error you are getting ccheck error log.....
pwavell 29-Jul-14 7:12am    
but if i send mail without attachment everything works fine.the mail is sent.
vangapally Naveen Kumar 29-Jul-14 7:16am    
what error you are getting?

hello pwavell

first you saved the file into Webapplication through following Code


Then Attachment the file
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pwavell 29-Jul-14 6:23am    
the file is already present at the given path .I dont need to upload file.
Hello pwavell

use This Code

System.Net.Mail.Attachment mailatt = new Attachment(File);

System.Web.Mail and System.Web.Mail Conflict Each Other

Happy Coding
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