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Hi can anyone help me to create a calendar using c# console and after the calendar i can save events. just give me an idea. it would be a big help.
BillWoodruff 2-Jan-15 4:04am    
What did you have in mind ? Display a month-at-time ? A week ?

Why limit yourself to the Console ? Why not WinForms or WPF ?
dev_assault 2-Jan-15 4:18am should give you the idea
Member 11347341 2-Jan-15 4:28am    
Its like the usual calendar it has day and month and year or at first it will ask what year you want to go and also time i guess because my prof say that i must have a time on it so he can put events. We are now studying C# console i am a college student and my professor say create a calendar using console and it can save events. sorry for my bad English and grammar. I hope you understand. Thank you.
Agent__007 2-Jan-15 4:54am    
Are you aiming to click on any of the days to add events for that particular day? If so, why not consider Windows Forms or WPF, as BillWoodruff has suggested? Or do you simply want the event details to be entered by the user using the Console?
Member 11347341 2-Jan-15 5:29am    
Does console can save events? or data? so if i close it and open it again the event are still their? Thank you to all the answer it help me a lot. :D

1 solution

It's not complicated.
Decide on your start-of-week day:
S   M   T   W   T   F   S

M   T   W   T   F   S   S
For example.
Then, work out the day of week for the 1st of the month.
You want to space entries until you get to there:
 S   M   T   W   T   F   S
         1   2   3   4   5
Then just start printing increasing numbers in groups of 7.

If you stop and think about it, and break it down into smaller tasks each time, it's pretty simple.
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