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hi, can some one please help me for making url like this

i know it's something like this


$id = $_GET['id'];


but how do i make it to get name "sam" from that id 111111 when i go to that url ?


1 solution

As you have done for the id, like this:
$name = $_GET['name'];

Read this: PHP 5 Form Handling[^]. Look for the method='get' in the form tag example.
Member 10749093 21-Jan-15 21:42pm
hey Peter, can you tell me how do i make it like for example, there's many links on the page but not displaying until i put the id on url. so if i put id on url then link must show up in body of the page. hope you understand and thanks.
Peter Leow 21-Jan-15 22:04pm
Not clear. Can you show some code and html pages and how you want to navigate between them?
Member 10749093 21-Jan-15 22:15pm
if(isset($_GET["id"]) && trim($_GET["id"]) == 'hi')
Member 10749093 21-Jan-15 22:16pm
look at that code, it has only 1 "id" i want to make it like this
Not like this
Peter Leow 21-Jan-15 22:34pm
this url has 2 query strings id="111111" and name="sam"
To capture them on the server side, do this:
if(isset($_GET["id"]) && trim($_GET["id"]) == '111111' && isset($_GET["name"]) && trim($_GET["id"]) == 'sam' ) {
// if id = "111111" and name="sam"
// then do something
Member 10749093 21-Jan-15 22:54pm
i don't really know how to thank you. Thanks you very very much Peter it worked perfectly. i been searching for this solution like about a week. and now you solved this for me. Thanks again.
Peter Leow 21-Jan-15 23:58pm
You are welcome.
Member 10749093 22-Jan-15 0:03am
hey peter, is there anyway i can message you? i have 1 more question its about same this question almost
Peter Leow 22-Jan-15 0:14am
Post it as a new question so that everyone can help.
Member 10749093 22-Jan-15 0:27am this is my question link please answer it if you can

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